Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title Insurance?

Simply put, title insurance insures buyers against financial loss from defects in title to real estate property. Buying a home is one of the largest investments most of us will ever make, title insurance is used to protect your rights of ownership.

What does Title Insurance cover?

You are covered for any losses you may suffer due to any legal action. For instance fraud, misinterpretation of a deed or will, or actions by a person of unsound mind, missing heirs or mistakes in recording legal documents. There are many other things that title insurance covers, we would be happy to discuss this in person with you to put your mind at rest.

What If I do not want to take out a policy?

Under extreme circumstances a successful claim against you could mean you lose your property, it is possible that you could end up having to continue to pay your mortgage even though you do not own the property.

I already have title insurance through my Lender does that policy cover me?

No, Lenders have their own policies, it actually protects the lender’s investment. You will need to purchase an owner’s policy to correctly cover yourself. Title Insurance is a one time purchase it covers you and your heirs for the total period of time you own the property, unlike homeowners insurance which is a yearly payment and is subject to change.

Which is the best way to take title?

In Florida, the default tenancy is Tenants in Common, there are other ways to take title such as Joint Tenants with full rights of survivorship and tenants by the entireties.

Tenants in Common is usually used for couples taking title together who are not married to each other.

What is escrow?

Escrow is the holding of property, money or other items by the Escrow Officer until such time as a condition or contingency is met.

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